Facebook Management

Facebook posts – 5-7 posts / week

-Curation, post creation (including Canva graphic design as needed and copywriting), scheduling and posting. – maintenance of shared files for scheduling and images

$120 per month, or $200 per month for a second page or VIP group


Blog Editing, Posting, Formatting

Editing, formatting for readability, adding tweetables, featured image creation or sourcing

$50 per post, or group price for updating past posts: $200/5 posts, $350/10 posts


Email Marketing

-creating newsletter template including header image creation or sourcing
-setting up RSS feed for blog posts
-creating signup forms
-editing and formatting biweekly newsletters

$200 for first month, $75/month thereafter


Podcast Publishing and Copywriting

-upload and publish edited podcast to hosting service and blog
-create podcast synopsis content and tags
-create copy for episode blog post
-create series of social media shares, including copy and graphic design, for promotion

$75 per episode