“When you’re outsourcing to a VA there are a few things that you always hope you’ll get: someone who easily understands the instructions you’ve provided, someone who is willing and able to learn new skills as needed, and someone who gets back to you in a timely fashion. Lindsay is all that and more—I always know that she will understand what I’m asking for, ask for clarification if it’s needed, get the job done before the deadline, and that it will be done with excellence.

She’s able to juggle multiple projects at once, and great at doing tasks that vary from email marketing, to converting videos into blog posts, to web site updates. Lindsay is a great VA and would make a fabulous addition to anyone’s team.”

-Lara Wellman, Owner – The Biz Studio

“Lindsay is a HUGE asset to my business. There are only so many hours in the week, and I can only tackle so much on my own; having Lindsay on my team is like having an Ace up my sleeve. I can say ‘yes’ to more contracts knowing that Lindsay will be there for me to take on some of the overflow, freeing me up for the more technical stuff that is my zone of genius. I rely on Lindsay to prep blog posts and email newsletters on my behalf; she’s reliable and efficient, so I know she’ll get the job done right and on time. I especially appreciate her willingness to learn new skills—she’s quick and clever, which is great since I don’t have a lot of time to devote to training someone. It’s such a relief to know that Lindsay’s got my back!”

-Erin Marshall, Owner – Chameleon Online Business Management

Lindsay is amazing! From the first conversation that I had with her, I knew that she was going to be the exact person that I needed to help me with the tasks in my business that were taking me too much time to do on my own. I immediately felt confident in her ability to create Facebook ads, blog posts and provide any necessary changes to my website. If I have a job that needs to be done right, I can rely on her her easily. I quickly realized that working with Lindsay allowed me to focus more on my clients and in other areas of my business. I am so grateful to have had Lindsay referred to me. She is all heart and anyone that works with her will quickly learn that she is more than capable and can quickly lighten the load for you in your business!
-Diane Dauphinas, Owner – Sound of Sleep Consulting